Friday, November 3, 2006

How to Hear God's Voice Guaranteed Seminar

''My sheep hear My voice.'' John 10:27 It's not our guarantee It's God's Take your walk to the next level and experience breakthrough succes in every area of your life. Prayer is exciting, When God does most of the talking Ecclesiastes 5:2 Your life is changed,forever. $120.00 for Couples

No, Keith and I did not choose the above class after (not) much dilberation.

Instead we are going to a paper making class on Sunday! Yes, that's right. We are adding Paper Making to the managerie of skills that will sustain us via non-tradition employment hopefully for the rest of our lives. Our latest ideascheme has been some kind of food vendor trailer that would be pulled by a VW biodiesel bus to county fairs/concerts/car shows/drag races/carnivals/. We were (are) thinking a) vegan corn dogs b) sweet potato fries c) savory waffles with various fillers (like a sandwich/taco...Keith suggests the name Wafflewich) d)....
How we came up with this outstanding and completely feasible idea is: 1. Bob's family used to do this with a french fry wagon and 2. We want to be able to travel with our dog and still make enough money to get by. Getting by in the living-in-the-parking-lot-of-of-the-carnival in the VW camperbus with our pit bull and reading lights sense? Perhaps. Maybe some chess or cribbage. But the point is: we would be happy. Our trip to the Ranch really reawakened our urge to be able to make enough money to live off the radar while being together as much as possible. (Plus, the dog.) And we want to travel. So what better idea than a food wagon? Of course Keith is the jefe and I will make an excellent cashier/public relations manager. Also, Lead Sign Maker.

So, taking one step closer to reaching our goals, tomorrow we are going to SCRAP to get supplies for our paper making class on Sunday. Our weekend is shaping up nicely.


RockO said...

2 stoners working in a vegen food wagon....does life get any better than this?

kntgrl said...

come the revolution, we will need these skills.

I'm heavily into catching up with LOST now.....can you tell?

and rocko....sounds great to me tooooooo : )