Saturday, November 18, 2006

Meet Mia.

We went to the shelter today specifically to see Nadine. We met her, introduced her Lazlo, took them for a walk.

And then decided we should keep her.

She's a lover and plays well with Lazlo. They wrestled for the first hour or so we got home. Now she's sleeping (on his bed). I think we made a good decision.

And Nadine wasn't working for us, so we're changing it to Mia (as in Mrs. Mia Wallace).

Welcome to the family, Mia!!!!

1 comment:

RockO said...

NO WAY!! You got a new dog!!! You're crazy! I'm so jealous! Seriously, I was going to get a dog if I went to Oregon, but now because I'm in Seattle, a dog would be impossible.
I'm so happy that you have a new member in the family. Can't wait to here what Lazlo thinks.