Thursday, November 16, 2006

I turn my camera on

Keith's group shot @ Vegetarian House

There was a break in the rain today and the sun was out. It was very nice. Lazlo and I went to the dog park and he slid around like a linebacker on a muddy field chasing his Frisbee. He didn't get exercise beyond 2 short walks yesterday because of the weather. So he got 2 park visits today which is like winning the dog lottery. However, muddy park = muddy bed. Keith yells at me, "Get your (my??) dog off the bed." And I ripped my yoga pants on the table!

dog park mud hole, a favorite attraction/water dish

My friend since about 1st grade, Autumn (top photo), was in town so we walked (distance grossly miscalculated!) to Vegetarian House for some outstanding food. We had ham* fried rice, pork* fried rice, orange chicken*, and chicken* chow mein. And we each had 2 spring rolls and honestly, I could have eaten a dozen or more. Keep em comin. Also, their kung pao chicken* is fantastic, but also $10. (Worth it really.)

Correction: The cow will not being giving as much milk as possible. That is all.

And of course we walked by Voodoo Doughnut on the way home (breakfast...mmmm). Then Keith chastised me for giving money to a guy who handed me a note saying it was his 3rd day in town, from Memphis, and he would not "rob, rape, or kill" me and he couldn't talk because his mother tried to kill him when he was a baby. Keith thinks I am a sucker. I think that a) what you give out comes back plus b) if was conning me he deserves something for coming up with a very good plot line. The Street Kids downtown hold signs that say "Just want to get drunk," etc. I'd rather fund someone with real problems. Yeah, I just wanna get drunk, too. Learn to support your own habits. That's what the rest of us do.

Yesterday I got paid to show Andy how to make paper. He was ecstatic. Tomorrow afternoon we are going to a craft store to buy more deckles. Another paper-making weekend.

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RockO said...

cute pics.
can't believe a random guy would hand you a note like that and tell you about his life....whether you're a sucker or was a new approach. i say he deserved the bucks. :)