Sunday, March 4, 2007

Better than las piedras bola...

Sunday Adventure
Reminiscent of our twilight-zone-hike-that-never-ends to the elusive las piedras bola in Mexico last year, this morning Keith and I set off with the dogs to track down the Gleall Castle. The sun was out and it was great to get out and breathe some dry air. Dry out the gills.

I Google Mapped the address and got a general idea of where it is, but Google Maps is lacking a seriously useful feature: topography! We wandered up up up the West Hils and we could see it from Barbur Blvd., but we weren't sure which road to take to get there. Well, it was another good workout for the dogs...2+ hours, uphill and back. It turns out that we were only about 100 yards below it; if we would have kept going on the switchbacks we would have run into it.

But we had some great opportunities to bust out the PanoRama!
Click on the photos below for the larger sizes.

And now the dogs are TIRED.

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