Saturday, March 24, 2007


Keith and I went to the Easyriders Bike Show Tour this morning.

But first we went to Walgreens to pick up my photos and only 25% of them came out; the rest were cropped all wrong. Apparently you have to go in and "edit" each one; i.e. tell the computer what not to crop. So, $5 down the drain. But I did get about 10 good ones and wrote my contact info on the back and dropped them off @ Kelly's booth. Wandered around trying to find Walgreen's (I knew the general direction!) and then it started raining and my pics hadn't turned out and I was bummed and my new (used) shoes/socks/feet/bones were soaked. But the show was pretty cool, if overpriced ($16 ea!). And I got a lot of contacts...Keith picked up business cards for me.

Kelly seemed to like the photos I did have (see below). I should have them all done early this week.

So here's some random photos from the bike show. Enjoy!


RockO said...

Awesome! pure awesomeness.

I have always wanted a motorcycle. You have to come up to butte this summer for Evil Knievel days!!...okay...the bikes are not quite this classy...but its still a fun a party time.

i love the photos you have been taking lately...

KBAB said...

actually, that would be awesome. if we could do that this summer. i'll check into it.

stephen said...

that blue trike is rockin'!! love it! hey, I'm really glad that photo-gig worked out so good for you.