Saturday, March 10, 2007

Getting ready for a shift

I started training my replacement--Nancy-- last week. I should be finishing up around Wednesday or so. Nothing new lined up for me yet. But that's ok. I have a phone interview on Monday: working for Netflix customer service: the kind of job I said I absolutely didn't want. This one pays well, has full benefits, and a Netflix subscription (which, seriously, would be cool as we just rejoined and updated our queue--why can't I learn to spell that word?? from when we lived in Grangeville). I could pay back some debts and start ratholing money for our List of Demands. So it's sell my soul for X amount of time in order to be happier later. Assuming that being debt-free and having some savings will result in happiness. Yet, if I am to believe what I'm reading right now, I'm overestimating my future happiness. A false dilemma. So I try not to overanalyze what jobs are available. All jobs are temporary. Everything is temporary.

So, I anticipate having a little gap between jobs, but Keith says, Hopefully not too long.

Took a good long walk today and found a nursery at the end of the road. (Just like all the other photos, click to see a larger size. Ok, that's the last time I'm going to say that. Really.)

Saturday consisted of: letting Keith sleep in and waking up nicely, eating toast & OJ, taking the dogs for aforementioned good long walk, watching the director's commentary of Donnie Darko (which makes me feel even stupider but also illuminates a lot of things) while eating lunch, taking a nap, waking up again, getting coffee, internets...well that's as far as I got. This means Sunday will be Limpie el Domingo.

I'll never look at rabbits the same again.
That's Frank and Donnie Darko.

Keith is shaking things up at work. And rec'd a gift cert to Starbucks for his stellar performance. I will tell him to get on here and write something. He has tons to say, I know.

Things are blooming here. Now with DST earlier, we'll be out and about in the daytime more. Bonus. Sun therapy.

We've been in the Apocalyptic Mood lately, fretting about the end of the world. FOX News is reporting on it, The New York Times, for Todd's sake even The Bend Weekly is cashing in on this global warming thing. Keith says we should move closer to my parents (Almost Heaven? just kidding) and learn to grow our own food. I think we should get a car that runs on water!

My sister's boyfriend is always telling her that he thinks the world will end in their lifetime.
Mia could teach us a thing or two about survival.
If only she could talk.

Yesterday I had a great experience: I had an eye exam. I had been wearing the same monthly disposable contacts since one year ago. So I have an allergic reaction under one of my eyelids. That makes sense.

So I'm test driving some daily disposables. They are more flimsy, so harder to put in, but they feel better, cleaner. Still scratchy, but better. Dr. Chan said one year in dailies and then we'll go from there. Also, I have large optical nerves. I wonder what evolutionary purpose that does (or doesn't) serve. Advantage? or Disadvantage?

a trip to the coast just Keith and I (and the pups). And one in June for family. The weekend after our (6th) anniversary. (This May I am turning the same age Keith was when I met him. I think this is really weird in a space time continuum kind of way.) Maybe we will stop and see the Largest Sitka spruce in the United States again, before it's gone.

And some video of the dogs playing at the culdesac last weekend. This was after a 20+ block walk there and they played hard like this for about 20 minutes before our 20+ block walk home. Mia's a little rocket. And she likes to bite Lazlo's face.

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