Sunday, March 18, 2007

National On-Hold Month

more March observances

Keith and I are debating whether or not to go to the Peace Rally. Yeah, we love peace and all. But we woke up late. And we still have to take the dogs out for a good long walk. And get dressed. Finishing our coffee now... I think we are going.

Encounters with Nature!!
A pigeon almost flew in our apartment today! I saw him swooping down like he was coming in for a landing on the table. Then he pulled up short and landed on the windowsill. He was shimmery and purple and green. I reached for my camera but he took off. Not that I have any great love of pigeons. It was just unexpected.
My sister showed me these books (Pigeon...) when we went to Powell's. Yesterday Keith and I went to our first Powell's event---we went to see Frank Warren speak. He is the guy who started Post Secret. He started it as a small art project. He had 3000 postcards printed, and handed them out telling people to write their secrets on them and mail them to him. He only got about 100 postcards back from that batch, but it has just grown since. He's received over 100,000 so far.

"Each secret can be a regret, hope, funny experience, unseen kindness, fantasy, belief, fear, betrayal, erotic desire, feeling, confession, or childhood humiliation. Reveal anything - as long as it is true and you have never shared it with anyone before."

He said he feels that this project has become a community and that he is just the facilitator. I've become a little addicted to it. I check it (the website) every Sunday; that's when it gets updated. The themes each week vary, but there is always a good mix: funny, sad, shocking, familiar, sweet, mean. (Post Secret fans were also able to save the National Suicide Hotline by donating over $30,000.) They handed out postcards during the talk so Keith and I can choose to send in our secrets. Will we share them with each other? Frank Warren said that his mom called the (subsequently publised) books "diabolical" (she's from Kansas) and his dad shared a secret with him that prompted a conversation that they never would have had otherwise. He said, "That's the balance to art. Make sure it only deeply offends one parent."............Monday night is M*A*S*H star Mike Farrell.

We watched Zodiac last nigh---used our last pair of free movie tix. It was good. I brought some chocolate with me and about 2/3 of the movie I spent concentrating on how thirsty I was so I wasn't able to fully enjoy the movie. All because of chocolate. It drug out a little bit there at the end. And I didn't know how it ended in real life so I was pretty wrapped up in it (despite ravenous thirst.) Mark Ruffalo was much better than I expected. Looked a little but like Oliver Platt, though. I still don't like Chloe Sevigny. But I do like Brian Cox a lot. He was good in this, too.

Well, Keith's getting dressed. I guess that's my cue.

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