Wednesday, March 21, 2007

You know what I love?

Naps with the dogs.

The S spoon, with Mia curled up in front of me and Lazlo curled up behind my legs. That's Ideal Nap Posture. (Yesterday was my first nap since being unemployed again; I consider that fortitude---one week!) Also, time outside with the dogs is so much better for my mental health than getting sucked into the Internet Vortex. Really!

some office building for rent on 19th?

We've (I've) been getting lucky that when we've gone to Couch Park (see below) the past few mornings it's been empty. The school next to it must have all day rotating recess; there's always anklebiters running around. But these two jokers are only interested in two things: wrestling and sticks. Park conditions are still fairly muddy but it no longer stinks like manure.

Someone's been stocking the park with sticks.

Couch Park: pretty but muddy.

I've been giving the dogs carrots for treats lately. (Better for them (and cheaper) than rawhide. That stuff is nasty!) Lazlo's a hard sell; he spits out the chopped up ones and only eats them whole. Mia eats anything. She gets her rocket shoes on when the dinner bell rings.

Tonight Keith and I are going to SE Portland. I answered a craigslist ad to photograph a guy's art--made out of motorcycle parts. Should be pretty cool, the guy sounds nice. He and his 25-yr old son have been building a motorcycle and he wants some photos of it, too. It'll be interesting to see what we get. Yay for freelancing!

Doing the dishes sucks. Yes. It does. Ok fine, I'll do them. Gah!


kntgrl said...

carrots are good for dogs.

dog's poops actually. glad you are freelancing. are you almost off the grid or what?

RockO said...

that's a great last shot