Saturday, March 3, 2007

Drying out

We got a break in the rain today after about 4 days of constant precipitation. Yesterday's mist rain was worse than regular rain---it gets in all the nooks and crannies, down to your underwear. The poor dogs were getting cabin fever. We walked them up to Wallace Park and then over to the culdesac where they played like maniacs (that's a video link) for 20 minutes and then we headed back home. A good 2-hour walk. It's really springing up around here. I guess we have the rain to thank for that. Things are really going to go nuts once the sun comes out.

We cleaned (most of) the apartment (plus the dog walk) and took a short nap and woke up to go see Hurricane on the Bayou @ the OMNIMAX. It's worth all those capital letters. We forgot that it was the dome screen. I've never seen a bad IMAX; they're all amazing. This was good in the IMAX way, flying over the Louisiana marshes, underwater with alligators, etc. But the message was sad and skewed. The whole time I was thinking about Mia and how scary that must have been for her and wondering where she stayed and what she saw and if she was alone or with other dogs... And my friend Amber, getting her MSW, was pissed that it basically glossed over the fact of all of the poor people that were left behind before Katrina hit. It was more environmentally-focused than humanitarian-. Anyway, impressive and exciting entertainment, but the topic got mixed reviews.

We're starting our new budget/savings that is one leg of our List of Demands. One of the largest black holes for our disposable income is Hollywood Video. We average maybe about $20/week there. Crap!! So we re-joined Netflix and pay $17.99/month and hopefully that save us money. Well, it will definitely save us money.

Tomorrow: laundry, clean the bathroom, menu planning/grocery shopping for the week, make CDs/pick photos for open art calls. Maybe a doughnut??

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