Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Another year down

I had imagined I would be spending my birthday in Mexico. As I walked Lazlo this morning I tried to conjure up visions of walking through Mexico villages in the mornings and all the associated sounds. Mini-mediation, like.

Spending the day with Keith was my number one priority, so I helped him out at the golf course, prepping for Ladies' Night (must be said like Leon Phelps for full effect). And I took Lazlo swimming at Tolo Lake, afterwhich we took an emergency ride to the vet because I sent him chasing a ball over a downed barb-wire fence.
Doc said no stitches necessary.

Then I got pulled over by a trooper for going 53 in a 45. Great. Just great. Got away without a ticket, lucky as that was. Maybe he noticed it was my birthday.


RockO said...

Happy Birthday taco lady! soooo glad to know you, your comments always crack me up.
viva la hulahula.

ariba ariba happy birthday:)

freakpowertix said...

how come you aren't still in mexico?

i had been wondering about that!

i blogspot just for the friends i know in the mix, btw...

Let's go get some tacos said...

a) we ran out of money
b) we were getting travel weary
c) the dog was about to frag

i will add your blog to my favorites!