Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Nanner > teacher

My sister was offered a job today! She graduates from the Univ. of Idaho this weekend and so she can now proudly tell all inquirers that she is gainfully employed as a 2nd grade teacher. How bizarre is that?! Actually not all that bizarre, but pretty cool. I am so proud of her. Good job Nanner!

The weekend was filled with agnst and lawn-mowing (what a pair) and we went to Lewiston yesterday and loaded up at Costco. I bought some hot pink shiny tiny heels that are so Not Me that it's hilarious. But they match the skirt and shirt I bought and they are all man-made, so yeah. (All of this is for my sister's graduation this weekend).

I talked to an old friend today and made plans to do something this summer.

And I scrubbed my yoga mat. It had an alternate life as a doormat/dog rug while we were in Mexico, but I decided to give it a scrub up so I can rejoin yoga lessons as soon as I find out when they are. I know the Where part, now I just need the When. The Where, I'm serious, is in the basement of the Elks' Lodge.

Now if that doesn't inspire you to breathe deeply and stretch your sacrum, you're a lost cause. Namaste.

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RockO said...

the elks is great....you can stretch and look at dead animal heads and after the work out have a beer....sounds fun to me.