Wednesday, May 24, 2006

RIP, indeed

Driving to Kamiah recently, I noticed that the Idaho County Farmer was MIA. This week, we saw this:There was a short article in the local paper about his demise. It seems some people (rednecks and/or punks) just can't appreciate the little things in life. In an area where people think art is an animal head hanging on a wall with it's mouth agape, this was a nice and friendly reminder about what Idaho can be. Sad, sad, sad.

In other news, I have started going to yoga again. There's only a couple weeks of classes left (2x/week), but if there is enough interest, she may do workshops or semi-private sessions, which I would totally be into. Keeping my fingers crossed.

And I've pretty much decided that I'm not going back to my counseling job. It was a good job, but I didn't have passion for it, and I feel like that's what I need in my life--something to feel passionate about. And don't tell me that jobs are jobs and everyone has to have one, passion aside. Because I don't want to settle for that. So I am working for Keith out at the golf club, going to yoga 2x week (for now), reading, and hoping to find something that I can really get into. What that is yet, I don't know.

One of the books I bought with my B&N gift card (thanks, Amanda!) was The Pig Who Sang to the Moon. I haven't even read it and I already buy the message....animals have feelings, too. So maybe that's an area I can get into. I was telling Keith that I could start working towards a Master's with online classes (none of that University of Phoenix stuff) and that at UM, a person could actually design their own Master's program. Now, that sounds like something for me. He said, "Let me introduce you to my wife, April. She's a professional student." There are worse things to be. Although I would have to start honing my grant-writing skills as to avoid the Department of Education loan system. Seasonal work is not conducive to paying off heaps of student loans, this I know. Plans, plans, plans. Always planning and then revising as necessary.

Or there's this.

(Just kidding.)

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uni of phoenix...ha ha

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