Saturday, May 20, 2006

I got mp3'd

Well, I finally joined the technorevolution and got myself an mp3 player. iPod schmiPod. I bought a Creative Zen Nano for $50 and I love it. (So, yes, I hate WalMart, but I had a gift card to spend, so I thought, Oh well....technically, I didn't spend money at WalMart, someone else did.) Anyway, I have spent the past few days compiling a playlist and downloading music from epitonic. And now I have tunes to walk, walk the dog, pick the range, etc. It's great. It holds about 240 songs (not anywhere near full yet) and I can rotate in and out, because, really, who wants to listen to the same stuff over and over...isn't this the point of not having to listen to local radio?

Our heat wave was broken by a massive thunderstorm last night. I looked over at the taxidermy shop's gutters and water was shoooooting out. Water running down the street in full force. Now the sky is clouded over again and I'm hoping Keith will come home early. The rain and recent heat has also helped our lilac tree bloom out....I love me some lilacs. Right by the bathroom, too, that is so nice.


RockO said...

the world is so much more colorful with music. i don't have a superduper ipod but i just got an mp3 player in feb...and now i can't live without it.

you living across from a taxidermist makes the whole idaho living experience complete.

♥ m said...

no iPod here, either. Creative Zen as well.

they're too cute not to!